The Power And Impossibilium

I dreamt about you last night.

It was the first time in a long while that my unconscious mind has wandered down this road. My conscious mind, aware of time and distance, has been battered by the ravages of war. It still longs for things that can never be.

But while I sleep, an alternate universe is woven like a web that glimmers with a fresh morning dew. And in it, I relive your beauty. 

My gaze falls upon your raven hair and its perfect sheen. I can feel your warmth through our clothes as we sit pressed against one another in an overcrowded car. Your scent penetrates the nostrils of my unconscious self with a delicacy that my conscious mind is no longer able to recall. Your smile delights me and your throaty laugh hints towards a deep, untamed passion. My lips are even allowed a subtle moment to brush your bare shoulder, unnoticed by everyone except you and I. 

Here, in this place created by my memory and my imagination, we are unchanged by the events of our conscious lives. Our past is alive, our present is altered and our future is immaterial. It is the moment and I am cleansed by its purity.

Inevitably, I wake to the realization that it is merely a dream, a reflection of the raw power you hold within my heart. I am moved to tears by the beauty of it and also by its impossibility.


We Hates The Snows…

…we hates the snows FOREVER!!

Winter has come to Alberta; those poor bastards in Calgary got snow on Thursday and we in Edmonton got ours yesterday. The snow that hit the sidewalk or street has melted quickly but the grass and trees are still covered with a layer of the white stuff. 

I busted out my winter jacket today since my fall jacket isn’t quite enough anymore. I pretty much went from wearing NO jacket to having to wear my winter jacket in the span of about three weeks. What the f…..

Also, I’m VERY thankful that my outdoor soccer season ended last weekend… and even ended with a sunny day. It’s officially full-on indoor soccer season now which I have been enjoying immensely… it’s a fantastic workout!

There are many, many days of winter ahead of us… this is only the beginning.